The Las Vegas Mass Shooting: Why Your Response Matters

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Las Vegas ShootingThe USA has just experienced the deadliest mass shooting in our history: 59 dead and 525 wounded in Las Vegas at last count. There were plenty of astrological factors setting up the energy of this tragedy, both in the sky chart of the incident and transits to the USA chart.

But I don’t want to go into the astrology of the incident. If you’re curious, plenty of other astrologers have already covered this. I think it will be more helpful for you to examine your personal response to this incident.

How Dark Forces Feed

As I pointed out in my February 23 post, “Love Trumps Trump: Using the President as a Spiritual Catalyst,” dark forces feed on negative emotions. (Please refer to that post for an in-depth discussion of this topic.) From a shamanic perspective, the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Craig Paddock wreaked havoc on so many innocent people because he was infested with negative entities.

It’s certainly understandable if someone responds to the shooting with anger, hatred or rage. But if they do, they’re feeding the forces of darkness. This lays the energetic groundwork for even more horrible incidents in the future.

You’re not responsible for the initial uprising of a particular thought or emotion within you. But you are responsible for what you do with it once it shows up. Energy follows attention. What you focus on, you become.

The Big Flush

We’re living in an extremely challenging era. All the world’s negativity – thousands of years’ worth – is being flushed up so it can be purified, and a new Golden Age of harmony and higher consciousness can arise at last. Unless you’re functioning from at least a basic level of embodied awakening, it’s all too easy to get submerged in the toxic energy being stirred up in the collective.

Suppressing a dark emotion isn’t the answer. Repressed feelings putrefy and can cause you even worse problems down the road. Please be honest about what you’re feeling. And have an effective self-healing technique available so you can clear heavy energy as it arises. You can also take advantage of group shadow work processes.

Harmony, Flow, Ease and Grace

Once you attain a certain level of awakening, your normal everyday consciousness fills with harmony, flow, ease and grace. You may still feel challenging emotions when you hear about incidents like the Las Vegas shooting. But the foundation of your consciousness will rest in a profound peacefulness. You’ll witness the human part of you experiencing its challenges. But you’ll abide first and foremost as the serene, unconditionally loving witness of your human aspect.

Holding this awakened consciousness consistently is, in my opinion, the single most helpful thing you can do to help spread love and light on earth right now. It might initially seem selfish or inappropriate to focus on cultivating your own peace and happiness when there’s so much suffering out there. But how will a world full of peace and happiness arise at all, if people like you don’t set the example?

Helpful Resources

I offer free invocations for healing and awakening on my website that have helped thousands of people. These posts also contain a simple method anyone can use to send highest good energy to situations like the Las Vegas shooting, or to individual people.

I also offer a free program called EASE – the Embodied Awakening Support Experience – that you can do anywhere, anytime to receive virtual group support in your journey of healing and awakening. If these resources help you, please use them. If they don’t, please use whatever tools or techniques you do find helpful.

Wake Up or Go Crazy

Things are getting intense out there, folks. I believe that the global situation is going to get increasingly intense until we hit the tipping point into the new Golden Age. For more and more people, the choice is to either wake up or go crazy.

Having chosen the path of awakening myself, I can assure you that – even in these chaotic times – it’s possible to live a life full of happiness, even ecstasy. I invite you to give this gift to yourself – and to the world.


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  1. Aloce says:

    Very well written and received and thank you. With the news and word traveling fast worldwide around heartbreaking situations and circumstances involving our brothers and sisters I feel the truth in this post and it applies to everything arising. I use writing and music, daydreaming, prayer work and time alone in nature to come back to neutral. I do my own work and also learn from the techniques offered by others such as yourself to help transmute less than love energy and activate higher frequencies. I enjoy and look forward to the EASE calls and thank you for your work

  2. Anne-Christine says:

    I CAN feel your words are soothing and alleviating the pain and burden we expérience each Time such an incident happens on earth . And as you say, They will be increasing . I do believe as Well it is for the best , and to night on Soukot’s Ève, ,i do feel confident and opened to grace . Shalom everybody !

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