Easy Decision-Making with The Feeling Test

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girl in water - The Feeling TestWhat do you do when you’re having trouble making a decision? I’ve already written one article, on how to take dictation from your higher self, that can help when you’re in a quandary. But here’s another technique which has helped many of my clients. I call it “The Feeling Test.”

Get Centered

Ideally, this should be done in a quiet space with no distractions. Start by doing whatever helps you achieve a clear, centered state of mind. (This invocation has helped a lot of people.) Then ask Spirit to send you the feelings that will guide you to your best choice.

A Movie in Your Mind

Visualize one of the choices you’re considering. Step into a mental 3-D movie, with all five senses operating. Let it play out for a few minutes. See yourself making that decision and experiencing its effects.

As you do this, all sorts of thoughts, opinions and judgments may arise. Don’t resist them or try to change them. Instead, keep your attention focused on how this visualization feels. Your mind can rationalize and justify just about anything. Feelings can guide you more accurately.

After you’ve experienced how this visualization feels, gently return to physical reality. Take a few notes on how the experience felt. Use emotionally descriptive adjectives like happy, sad, nervous, jubilant, or relieved. When doing The Feeling Test, what you thought about the visualization isn’t important. All that matters is how it felt.

More Options

Do whatever it takes to come back to “neutral.” Then start the next visualization and do the same process. Once again, pay close attention to the feeling of this choice. Repeat the process for every choice you’re considering.

Finally, settle in for one final visualization. Ask Spirit to show you any good choices that you haven’t thought of yet. Relax and see what pops into your head.

Once you’ve finished all of your visualizations, review your notes. Don’t be surprised if the answer you’ve been seeking has now been “refeeled!”

Revised 3/18/13. Originally published in the October 12, 2009 newsletter.

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