The Pivot: A Powerful Manifestation Tool

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The Pivot: A Powerful Manifestation ToolThe Law of Attraction comes up a lot in my astrology consultations. It used to surprise me when I observed how many of my clients were failing to manifest the abundance they desired.

Over the course of many client sessions, I began to see a pattern. These well-meaning people were typically following all the guidelines laid out in books and DVDs such as The Secret. They were doing affirmations and visualizations, collaging together vision boards, and all the rest.

The Problem of Negative Thought Patterns

These people were spending a few minutes a day on these exemplary activities. But that time was vastly outweighed by the hours a day that their minds were running in unconscious or semi-conscious negative loops. And those toxic thought patterns were sabotaging their efforts.

When I pointed this out, a common response was, “But I can’t help it! I’ve thought this way for years. Those negative tapes keep playing whether I want them to or not.”

Two Simple Steps to Success

Fortunately, as many of my clients have experienced, there is a way to transform destructive thought patterns into supportive ones. And it only involves two simple steps.

  1. When you become aware of a negative thought, don’t kick yourself. Instead, pat yourself on the back! You’ve accomplished an important victory by becoming conscious of it.
  2. Simply visualize the positive opposite of the negative thought. This, in a nutshell, is The Pivot.

What if you catch yourself thinking, “I’ll never find a partner who suits me”? Replace it with something like, “My ideal partner now enters my life.” Then imagine the two of you enjoying all sorts of wonderful activities together.

If your negative loops says, “I’ll always be fat,” think “I now enjoy my lean, fit body.” Imagine yourself in great physical condition. Feel an ecstatic endorphin rush as you imagine yourself engaging in exhilarating athletic activities.

Continue each positive replacement visualization until you feel it click into place.

This is not a one-shot solution. Especially during the first few weeks, you’ll probably do a lot of pivoting! But soon your diligence will start transforming your minds’ negative thought patterns into positive ones. And at that point, your reality will begin to shift more rapidly into the one you desire.

Many thanks to Spiritsong, who introduced me to The Pivot. Thanks also to Abraham-Hicks. After I originally published this article, I discovered that they had already been teaching The Pivot for years!

Revised 3/10/13. Originally published in the November 9, 2009 newsletter.

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