April 1-15 2018 Astrology Forecast: Jupiter-Pluto Abundance!

Money Tree In Spring

A powerful opportunity to enhance your abundance arrives courtesy of a Jupiter-Pluto sextile. This potent prosperity amplifier lasts more than six months!

Other headlines for the first half of April include Mercury turning direct, an Aries New Moon stoked with revolutionary transformation energy, and much more!

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4/2 (Mon)

Workaholics rejoice! A Mars-Saturn conjunction (8°57′ Capricorn) can be a fabulous source of long-lasting energy. This aspect can also support sexual stamina, focused athletic accomplishment, and entrepreneurial wisdom.

If you hit a roadblock, call on some of Saturn’s life-affirming qualities: maturity, discipline, persistence, effective planning, and wise time management.

4/4 (Wed) & 4/5 (Thu)

Retrograde Mercury taps into the juju of the Mars-Saturn conjunction on 4/2 with two aspects: a Mercury-Mars square (9°50′ Aries-Capricorn) on 4/4 and a Mercury-Saturn square (9°0′ Aries-Capricorn) on 4/5. Retrograde Mercury is ideal for reflection, so these aspects can fire up your contemplation with strong focus and Energizer Bunny persistence.

Arian Mercury square Mars can make devastating use of words as weapons. But before you fastball that killer comeback, take a deep breath and think. A compassionate response would not only be kinder … but might actually be more effective at getting you what you want!

4/9 (Mon) & 4/10 (Tue)

Ready for positive transformation in your committed partnerships? Two flowing aspects can help you: a Pluto-Juno sextile (21°14′ Capricorn-Pisces) on 4/9, and a Jupiter-Juno trine (21°37′ Scorpio-Pisces) on 4/10.

Pluto can help you transform or release what no longer serves the relationship. Jupiter adds expansive, optimistic energy. Together, these harmonious aspects can help you move to the next level of your mutual potential! With Juno in Pisces, ask your inner wisdom how to optimize your committed partnership.

4/11 (Wed)

How skillfully do you deal with power? That question may be front and center as the Sun makes two potent aspects: a Sun-Pluto square (21°15′ Aries-Capricorn) and a Sun-Jupiter quincunx (21°33′ Aries-Scorpio).

Used selfishly, this dynamic mix of planets, aspects and signs could lead you to demand what you want. There’s a potential for anger and violence. You might feel perfectly justified in dominating and controlling others to fulfill your desires … with little concern for how your behavior affects them.

Used more consciously, these aspects could energize inspired leadership, ecstatic sacred sexual connection, or outstanding athletic performance. You can gain new insight into life’s meaning, or inspire others with your life-enhancing wisdom.

As always, any astrological scenario can manifest for good or ill. What intentions will you bring to bear upon this one?

The potential challenge of the two Sun aspects I just interpreted is softened by a Venus-Mars trine (13°34′ Taurus-Capricorn). This smoothly supports harmonious relating and creative expression.

Snuggled up in earth signs, this trine also supports sensuality and gentle lovemaking. In addition, you can draw on the amicable alchemy of these planets and signs to call in financial and material abundance.

4/12 (Thu)

Creative inspiration is harmoniously and enthusiastically supported by a Venus-Neptune sextile (15°20′ Taurus-Pisces). This aspect also smoothly supports embodied awakening and Law of Attraction manifestation.

4/14 (Sat)

2018 04 14 Ju Sxt PlJupiter Sextile Pluto

The good news is that the two planets most associated with prosperity are making a strong and harmonious aspect today: a Jupiter-Pluto sextile (21°16′ Scorpio-Capricorn). But it gets even better: this aspect will last more than six months, until 10/24!

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and infinite expansion, is in Scorpio, the sign of great wealth and power. Pluto carries the same meaning as Scorpio, and is in Capricorn, the sign of worldly accomplishment. You may find it helpful to use a formal Law of Attraction system to show the universe exactly what you want!

You can also use this potent, long-lasting sextile to support occult practices, business expansion, and personal transformation.

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Learning specific techniques to enhance sacred sexuality is supported by a Mars-Neptune sextile (15°23′ Capricorn-Pisces). (My experience of sacred sex took a quantum leap after I read this book and watched this video.)

Outside the bedroom, this aspect can energize any activity that consciously combines chi with physical activity. Some examples: tai chi, chi gung, yoga and ecstatic dance. This sextile can also harmoniously support embodied awakening and Law of Attraction manifestation.

4/15 (Sun)

Mercury Direct

Mercury turns direct today at 5:21 AM EDT (4°46′ Aries). The winged messenger turned retrograde on 3/22 at 16°54′ Aries.

Mercury’s entire retrograde was in Aries. In my 3/22 forecast, I suggested reflecting on your leadership, assertiveness, and sexuality, and to what degree you’re striving for a worthy cause. I also asked if you were having any issues with anger, impulsiveness or inappropriate sexual behavior.

With Mercury now direct, it’s a good time to focus into these areas of your life as appropriate. Whether you need healing or just a fresh burst of energy, it’s time to move from reflection to action! But wait until after the Aries New Moon later today. New initiatives have more juju under a waxing Moon!

Post-New Moon, the way is also clear to move ahead with any important contracts or major purchases that you put off while Mercury was retrograde.

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2018 04 15 New MoonAries New Moon

There’s nothing like an Aries New Moon to get new projects rolling! This one lines up on 4/15 at 9:57 PM EDT (26°2′ Aries).

The Aries meanings I discussed above in my Mercury direct interpretation also apply here. Any Aries New Moon is ideal for new beginnings in leadership, assertiveness, sexuality and striving for a worthy cause. It can also exacerbate any challenges you’re having with anger, impulsiveness or inappropriate sexual behavior.

Aspects: Uranus and Pluto!

This New Moon’s headline aspect is the Sun and Moon’s tight conjunction to Uranus. This invites you to cultivate Uranus’ three high-side expressions:

  1. Be your authentic human self (fly your freak flag!),
  2. Follow your intuitive flashes – those “hunches” or “gut feelings” that you just know are true – and,
  3. Serve others using your special gifts that you most love to use!

If you don’t use Uranus enough on the high side, he’ll have no choice but to express in a more challenging way. This usually boils down to challenging stimulation of the nervous system: nervousness, irritability, anxiety and overall craziness. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, cultivate those three high-side expressions. It will give Uranus something better to do!

The luminaries also square Pluto. I already interpreted the Sun-Pluto square on 4/11, and I’ll repeat what I said there that applies here. Used selfishly, this could lead you to demand what you want. There’s a potential for anger and violence. You might feel perfectly justified in dominating and controlling others to fulfill your desires, with little concern for how your behavior affects them.

Used more consciously, this Pluto square could energize inspired leadership, ecstatic sacred sexual connection, or outstanding athletic performance.

This New Moon also energizes this decade’s most important aspect, a Uranus-Pluto square. Even though it’s waning, we’ll continue to feel its energy of revolutionary transformation through 2019. (The #metoo movement and the global student protests against gun violence are recent phenomena influenced by this square.) Learn more about the Uranus-Pluto square.

Sabian Symbol

This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “Through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained.”

Because of my extensive spiritual and shamanic experiences, I now perceive the physical world as a hologram. It might appear solid, but to a great extent it’s being created on the fly by humanity’s collective thought field.

This means that whatever you think and say helps create the reality you experience. “As within, so without”: your habitual emotions, thoughts and spiritual consciousness powerfully shape your life’s events. This is why I mention the Law of Attraction so often in my forecasts. (Synchronistically, there are five Law of Attraction links – a new record! — sprinkled throughout this April 1-15 forecast!)

Imagination, the focus of this Sabian Symbol, is creatively focused thought. Creatively focused thought is the basic building material of the hologram we live in. Creatively focused thought, used within an effective Law of Attraction system, “reprograms the holodeck” … reclaiming “lost” opportunities.

If you don’t already have an effective Law of Attraction procedure, I invite you to check out mine. After studying a copious amount of Law of Attraction material, I set myself a task: how could I distill what I’d learned into the simplest possible system … that worked consistently and effectively? For me, it came down to four core elements:

  1. Write down exactly what you want with maximum detail,
  2. Fantasize about it regularly, engaging all five senses,
  3. Feel powerful, positive emotions as you fantasize, and
  4. Close with a “karma-free safety clause”.

My complete Law of Attraction method is available free in my post, “The Law of Attraction Made Simple.”

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Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you’ll be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

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