April 16-30 2018 Astrology Forecast: Chiron Enters Aries: New Healing Opportunities!

Chiron Angled BowNew energy for healing fires up as Chiron enters Aries. The second half of April also features Saturn and Pluto turning retrograde, an intense Scorpio Full Moon, and a potent Mars-Pluto conjunction. All this, plus four powerful aspect patterns, creates tons of astrological opportunity!

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4/17 (Tue)

Chiron Enters Aries

The last time it happened was 50 years ago, in 1968. The U.S. and the world were in turmoil. Chiron’s entry into Aries today once again finds our world in chaos. As before, the wounded healer has his work cut out for him!

Chiron will stay in Aries through 9/25/18, when it retrogrades into Pisces for a five-month farewell tour. Once Chiron reenters Aries on 2/18/19, he’ll stay in the Sign of the Ram for over seven years, until mid-2026.

Chiron’s fundamental meanings are wounding, healing and mentoring. Aries’ more challenging manifestations are war, violence and aggression. Aries can also provoke selfishness, impulsiveness, and sexual abuse and misbehavior.

Volatile Uranus has been in Aries for the last seven years, so there’s been no shortage of these dark deeds. The handover between the two planets is virtually seamless: Uranus works its way into Taurus just as Chiron eases into Aries.

The Vietnam War wound down and ended the last time Chiron was in Aries. As happened then, if enough of us put our focus on healing instead of wounding, we can make great strides toward ending inappropriate sexual behavior, mass shootings, and other destructive Martian manifestations.

Chiron and Aries can also combine to catalyze wonderful outcomes! Examples include:

  • Going into business as a healer or mentor, or expanding your current practice
  • Bringing healing to the world through social activism
  • Giving or receiving mentoring on life-enhancing assertiveness and/or sexuality
  • Lighting a fire under anything to do with healing and mentoring
  • Energizing two of Chiron’s less common meanings: shamanism and spiritual awakening.

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Saturn Retrograde

Saturn turns retrograde today (9°8′ Capricorn), and will retrace his steps for over 4-1/2 months. He’ll turn direct again on 9/6 (2°32′ Capricorn). Any planet turning retrograde invites reflection on its core meanings, as well as the meaning of the sign(s) it’s traveling through.

Our interpretive task is greatly simplified here, since Saturn and Capricorn mean the same thing! Challenging manifestations of this planet and sign can include workaholism, emotional coldness, and acting as if the ends justify the means. If you’re having issues with any of these, Saturn’s retrograde is an excellent time to reflect on possible solutions.

Saturn’s life-affirming qualities include maturity, responsibility, and good time management. Saturn also represents the wise elder, and the ability to “plan the work and work the plan.” How would it make your life more wonderful to incorporate these qualities into your life?

Planets are most powerful when changing directions. This is because they’re holding their energy in a specific degree range for an extended period. Check your chart for any sensitive points between 6° and 12° in the Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Whatever those points represent, Saturn will challenge you in these areas if they require release or adjustment for your highest good. But he’ll support their structure, and help you create a stronger foundation, if they’re aligned with your life purpose.

Financial opportunity, relationships and creativity are strongly stimulated by two Venus aspects: a Venus-Jupiter opposition (20°58′ Taurus-Scorpio) and a Venus-Pluto trine (21°16′ Taurus-Capricorn). These aspects are also part of a Cradle aspect pattern that peaks tomorrow (4/18). Learn much more about these aspects by reading my Cradle interpretation!

4/18 (Wed)

2018 04 18 Cradle Ve Jun Ju PlCradle Peaks: Venus-Juno-Jupiter-Pluto

Financial opportunity, relationships and creative expression receive flowing support from a Cradle aspect pattern that includes Venus, Juno, Jupiter and Pluto. (This Cradle incorporates the Jupiter-Pluto sextile that was exact on 4/14.) This Cradle started on 4/11, peaks today (4/18), and ends on 4/24.

Venus, Jupiter and Pluto all have financial meanings. Venus represents money, and is in Taurus, the sign of money and personal resources. Jupiter radiates abundance and good fortune, and is in Scorpio, the sign of great wealth. Pluto also represents great wealth, and is in Capricorn, the sign of accomplishment and productivity. Obviously, this is a fortuitous time to focus on wealth-enhancing opportunities!

Relationships are given special emphasis by Juno, the Cradle’s fourth member. This asteroid goddess represents committed partnership. Venus is the natural ruler of relationships. Plus, both Pluto and Scorpio represent shared resources, as well as the deepest levels of personal intimacy. How can you and your beloved connect more deeply?

In terms of creative expression, Venus is the artist. And Juno is in Pisces, the sign of creative inspiration. The powerful stimulation these two planets receive from Jupiter and Pluto suggests wonderful opportunities for creative collaboration … as well as profiting from your creative efforts.

It’s a great time to let the world see the “true you” as the Sun conjoins Uranus (28°29′ Aries). And be sure to watch for Uranus’ intuitive flashes!

4/19 (Thu)

The Sun enters Taurus today. For the next month, you’re supported in putting more attention on money and material resources. Enjoy your five senses: our physical bodies are capable of experiencing so much pleasure! Spend plenty of time in nature. And stay the course when it serves the highest good!

4/22 (Sun)

Pluto Retrograde

Pluto turns retrograde today at 21°17′ Capricorn. He’ll backpedal for over five months before turning direct again on 9/30 at 18°45′ Capricorn.

This is a great time to reflect on how Pluto’s core meanings are manifesting in your life. For starters, are you managing your shared resources harmoniously and effectively? Are your ducks in a row regarding insurance, taxes and any inheritance-related matters?

Pluto also deals with more intimate territory:

  • When challenging emotions come up, do you have a quick and effective healing technique to clear them?
  • Are you relating to those you’re close to with deep honesty and vulnerability?
  • Are your sexual connections only engaging the five senses … or are you experiencing the soul-blended ecstasy of sacred sex?
Wealth and Power

Pluto’s themes also include wealth and power. Of course, wealth can be measured in terms of money and possessions. But there can also be great value in intangibles. These can include life-affirming relationships, work aligned with your life purpose, and a blissful, consistent connection with your higher self. How do you measure wealth in your life?

Power is one of Pluto’s most important themes. Are you focused on “service to self” power? This is based on domination, control and manipulation to “look out for Number One” and satisfy your selfish desires.

Or do you take more pleasure in “service to other” power? In this path, you joyfully open to your intuitive guidance and do your best to follow its suggestions. In my experience, this approach delivers vastly more power, and directs it far more skillfully. And the ecstasy is off the charts!

As I noted when discussing Saturn turning retrograde on 4/17, planets are most powerful when changing directions. With Pluto, check your chart for any sensitive points between 18° and 24° in the Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Whatever those points represent, Pluto will catalyze you to release or transform them if they’re not in alignment with your optimal soul path. But Pluto will bless you with those wonderful gifts of wealth and power if you’re on track!

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You can enjoy a magical flow of creative inspiration with Venus quintile Neptune (27°38′ Taurus-15°38′ Pisces). You can also open to fresh ideas regarding your relationships and finances.

4/24 (Tue)

Have that list of projects ready. Chances are you’ll have plenty of energy to get them done with Mars sextile Jupiter (20°11′ Capricorn-Scorpio)! In addition to enhanced productivity, this aspect can also boost your juju as an entrepreneur, lover, and warrior.

Healing relationship issues through constructive dialogue is harmoniously and energetically supported by a Venus-Chiron sextile (0°24′ Gemini-Aries). This aspect can also help you heal any issues around creative expression or finances.

4/26 (Thu)

Mars-Pluto Conjunction

What happens when the two planets who rule sexuality come together? A Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn (21°17′ Capricorn) isn’t just a libido booster. It also encourages you to take a practical, systematic approach to addressing any sexual issues, or simply enhancing your pleasure!

Mars and Pluto are a potent pairing, and caution is advised. Be sure that all sexual activity is consensual and mutually rewarding. Don’t inappropriately throw your weight around or fly into a rage. As I noted in my 4/22 Pluto retrograde interpretation, Pluto’s “service to other” expression can be far more rewarding than its darker “service to self” path.

Steer clear of those who are prone to anger or violence. If you do get caught up in some kind of power struggle, remember that you have plenty of divine allies you can call on for help!

Life-affirming possibilities of this Mars-Pluto conjunction include tremendous empowerment of your abilities as an entrepreneur, warrior, leader and lover. This is a powerhouse combination active through 5/18. Use it wisely!

What’s your ideal vision of your feminine assertiveness? A Neptune-Pallas Athena square (15°45′ Pisces-Gemini) can help you visualize it clearly so your divine allies can support it!

4/27 (Fri)

2018 05 03 Yod Ju Pa PlYod Begins: Pallas Athena-Jupiter-Pluto

Now that Jupiter and Pluto are done supporting the Cradle that ended on 4/24, they’re firing up another aspect pattern: a Pallas Athena-Jupiter-Pluto Yod. It starts today (4/27), peaks on 5/4 and ends on 5/9.

This “Finger of God” gives you a potent opportunity to more fully embody your feminine assertiveness. Adjustments will be required … which ones are you willing to make? This Yod can also help you hone your strategic thinking and practical creativity.

Pallas Athena is in Gemini. This suggests that you educate yourself further in these areas if necessary. Or you may be called to enlighten others on these matters!

2018 05 01 Yod Ve Ce SaYod Begins: Venus-Ceres-Saturn

We also have another Yod beginning today (4/27), peaking on 5/1 and ending on 5/5. This one contains Venus, Ceres and Saturn. Making the right adjustments here can help you carry forward the financial opportunity theme of the Cradle aspect pattern earlier this month.

Venus in Gemini suggests rethinking your approach to money. Ceres in Leo invites you to take a bolder approach to manifesting abundance. This Yod’s focal planet is Saturn in Capricorn. Both the planet and sign thrive on accomplishment and concrete manifestation!

4/29 (Sun)

2018 04 29 Full MoonScorpio Full Moon

April’s Full Moon lights up the sky at 8:58 PM EDT (9°38′ Scorpio). Any Scorpio Full Moon is great for release and adjustment in these areas:

  • insurance, taxes and inheritances
  • shadow work
  • personal transformation
  • deeply intimate relating
  • sex and sacred sexuality
  • occult practices
  • research and investigation

The luminaries form a tight Grand Cross with the lunar nodes and Ceres. Ceres is central to this interpretation, and can represent either abundance or sorrow.

This suggests that facing your inner “demons” – any unhealed psychological or emotional wounds – can be the key to unlocking enhanced prosperity. This interpretation is also supported by the Moon’s placement in Scorpio, the sign of psychology, shadow work … and wealth!

The luminaries’ placement at the “bending” of the nodes suggests turning a corner to come into better alignment with your life purpose. We all want more energy to fulfill our life missions. And we’ll have a lot more energy if we’re not staggering under the weight of a 100-pound pack stuffed with unresolved traumas.

Another member of this Grand Cross – just barely! – is Jupiter. Even though he’s hardly within orb, it’s comforting to know that we can call on Jupiter’s optimism, enthusiasm and auspiciousness.

The only significant Full Moon aspect not in this Grand Cross is a tight sextile from Capricornian Saturn. This is a flowing, energizing aspect, which gives foundational support to all your Full Moon intentions!

Sabian Symbol

This Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A fellowship supper reunites old comrades.” For some, this might conjure up an image of gray-haired war buddies shooting the breeze.

But this symbol puts me in mind of more celestial allies: the divine helpers, on call 24/7, whom I discuss in this post. You also have many helpers in human bodies waiting to assist you. These are embodied members of your soul tribe, as described in Michael Newton’s amazing book, Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives.

When is that fellowship supper? Whenever you ring the dinner bell!

Insight, Healing & Awakening

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2018 05 09 T Sq Su Ce JuT-square Begins: Sun-Ceres-Jupiter

The theme of abundance pops up one last time in April, thanks to a Sun-Ceres-Jupiter T-square. It starts today (4/29), peaks on 5/9 and ends on 5/15.

All three planets contribute to the financial theme. The Sun is in Taurus, the sign of money. Ceres is the grain goddess associated with the harvest. And Jupiter is ancient astrology’s Great Benefic, bringer of good fortune … in Scorpio, the sign of great wealth!

A T-square’s two squares and one opposition are all hard aspects. So you may encounter some challenge on your way to enhanced prosperity. But hard aspects are also the best for getting things rolling. The sooner you take action to upsize your bank account, the sooner your money can start multiplying!

Want to bring healing into your important relationships? You could hardly ask for a more supportive transit than a Chiron-Juno conjunction (0°38′ Aries)! This merging of the planets of healing and committed partnership is tailor-made for working through your issues. Marshall Rosenberg’s book Nonviolent Communication provides excellent tools to help make this process fair, harmonious and effective.

Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least a week before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you’ll be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart. Discover how these transits will personally affect you by booking a session with me. Learn more about my Astrology+ sessions.

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