Love Trumps Trump: Using the President as a Spiritual Catalyst

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Trump DarkI voted for Hillary, and am personally opposed to just about everything Donald Trump is trying to do as president. Nevertheless, I see his administration as a golden opportunity to deepen my spiritual awakening and increase my service to humanity. In this post, I’ll describe how you too can use Trump as a powerful spiritual catalyst.

First I’ll share my metaphysical perspective on what’s going on with Trump and his administration. My perspective is strongly influenced by the Law of One teachings. This extraordinary channeled information, which you can read free at, has given me profound new perspectives on the meaning of “life, the universe and everything.”

Please allow me to present a few essential concepts from the Law of One teachings, and from my own shamanic experience. These will help you understand my suggested approach to using Trump as an “adversarial ally.”

Harvest Time

First, it’s important to understand that being human is not the final step in the evolutionary ladder. Ra, the advanced consciousness from which the Law of One information was channeled, explains that there are seven major densities through which consciousness evolves as it returns to its divine source. Humans are at third density – not even halfway there!

Every 75,000 years, a major “harvest” opportunity arrives. One is happening now. Those third density beings who have completed this level’s evolutionary lessons will graduate to fourth density, a more etheric realm. Those who aren’t ready will do another third density round.

It’s comforting to know that there are no losers in this great game. Every individuated consciousness will eventually experience a blissful reunion with Source.

Service-to-Self vs. Service-to-Other

Because it’s harvest time, there’s a whole lotta shaking going on! For several thousand years, the patriarchal energy of “service-to-self” has increasingly dominated the planet. Donald Trump is a textbook example of this path. It’s all about domination, control, and bending others to your will.

In choosing service-to-self, you look out for number one. You manipulate everyone and everything around you to maximize personal gain. It’s a zero-sum game, and someone else has to lose so you can come out ahead. He who dies with the most toys wins.

The other approach is “service-to-other.” On this path, your greatest joy is helping others. You increasingly master the specific talents you chose for this incarnation, and use them to joyfully assist others. The more spiritually awake you become, the greater your service capacity grows.

The more service-to-other I become, the more wonderful life gets. My material needs are comfortably met. I’m blessed to be part of a large social network of spiritually conscious friends with loving hearts. Joy, ecstasy and bliss are routine daily experiences.

In order to graduate from third density, you must commit to one of these two paths. Ra calls this “polarizing.” You can do it through service-to-self, but it’s very hard. You have to be at least 95% self-centered, and must close down your heart chakra so you don’t feel any love or compassion. Fortunately, you only have to be 51% service-to-other to graduate third density. (Whew!)

To make matters even more interesting, the earth herself is transitioning to fourth density. Those who graduate third density can continue incarnating here on Gaia, and will enjoy a more blissful reality that routinely includes telepathy, shared group consciousness and ecstatic blending with your fellow beings. This new reality, which many are already experiencing to various degrees, is also called Ascension or the new Golden Age.

Trump’s Role in the Great Shift

So what does all this have to do with Donald Trump’s presidency? Whether he knows it or not, he’s acting as a powerful catalyst for the shift into fourth density. He’s basically here to embody our worst impulses.

Without a contrasting negative force, beings on the path of light can stagnate and grow complacent. If you’re dwelling in what feels like paradise, and don’t know that an even more ecstatic paradise awaits you, why bother to go anywhere else? Trump’s presidency offers us the opportunity to either resonate at his coarse level of being and experience endless suffering, or to choose a higher, more blissful level of consciousness.

A Major Planetary Upgrade

We’re experiencing a major planetary upgrade. As part of this process, any energies of lower vibration that are no longer appropriate must be purged or transmuted.

These lower vibration energies aren’t just mindless forces. They’re conscious beings. Like any other entity, their strongest instinct is to survive. Even if defeat is inevitable, they’ll fight tooth and nail to the end.

That’s why, as the divine light grows steadily stronger on earth, the forces of darkness are being flushed out to make their last stand. I don’t know whether Trump is being unknowingly manipulated by these forces, or whether he’s consciously collaborating with them. For our purposes, it doesn’t matter.

Service-to-Self on Parade

One of the gifts Trump offers is showing us the service-to-self path for what it is. His self-interest is blatantly and unapologetically on display.

I could give pages of examples, but here are a few. Unlike all the presidents before him, he retains control of his business interests. He’s attacking any US policy that might reduce his personal power or profits, including the financial regulations, environmental safeguards and Affordable Care Act benefits that protect the very people he claims to represent. He lacks the power to eliminate a free press that dares to criticize him, so he discredits internationally respected publications like The New York Times as “fake news” while tweeting a blizzard of self-serving lies. He consistently preaches fear, hatred, and division.

Does all this make you angry? That’s understandable, but if so you’re playing right into Trump’s hands. His entities feast on any negative emotions generated by his actions.

Understanding Entities

I’ve done over 100 ayahuasca and San Pedro plant spirit ceremonies over the last 12 years. In doing so, I’ve learned a great deal about entities. I’ve cleared hundreds, perhaps thousands of dark entities from my energetic field. In the inner world, they usually look like grotesque psychedelic mutants of the insects, spiders and other malevolent beings that show up in nightmares and horror movies. In my shamanic work, I also facilitate the clearing of entities from my clients and group event participants.

An entity isn’t necessarily bad. Entities run the spectrum from divinely luminous to pitch black. Nothing can exist in the physical world unless there are invisible entities dreaming it into being.

But “entity,” as commonly used in metaphysical circles, refers to a dark being. This is certainly the case with Trump. He’s loaded up with dark entities who resonate in harmony with his service-to-self agenda.

You’ve got entities too. So do I. As I said, no physical being can exist without them. But the true essence of what you really are is Spirit: bliss and unconditional love. If you’re feeling a negative emotion, it’s not coming from your truest essence. From a shamanic perspective, what you’re experiencing is a dark entity that has attached itself to you. It’s fooled you into thinking that this negative emotion is coming from an integral part of you.

Like everything else, entities need energy to survive. High-vibration entities thrive on love and light. Low-vibration entities feed on negative emotions like hate, fear and anger. The kind of entities you attract depends on where you put your attention.

Wondering about your own mix of light and dark entities? Just notice what kind of people, environments and entertainment you’re attracted to. Do you love dive bars, horror movies and UFC Fight Night? Or do you thrive on meditation, yoga and random acts of kindness?

Trump’s Entities

Back to Trump. Whether or not he’s consciously aware of his entities, he’s serving them brilliantly. The more he provokes outrage and anger, the bigger his entities get … and the more his occult power grows.

In a recent ayahuasca ceremony, I spent several hours tussling with Trump’s entities in the inner world. Ayahuasca showed me that Trump’s entities had penetrated my energy field, without me knowing, by provoking my negative emotions. For hours, no matter what mental strategy or tactic I tried, I couldn’t clear them out. It was only when I relaxed fully into the consciousness of unconditional love that the malevolent parasites fully withdrew. Dark beings can’t stand divine light!

Love Conquers All

The lesson to me was clear: if I fight Trump in the usual ways, he wins. Because his entities feed on conflict, resistance only makes him more powerful. But when I embody and radiate unconditional love, his minions flee.

This is certainly not a new idea. Famous revolutionaries who advocated a similar nonviolent approach include Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Even against a force with superior political or military power, love can always emerge victorious.

When you’re able to embody and radiate unconditional love, you’ve reached a major milestone in the service-to-other path. If you make this choice in response to Trump and other service-to-self beings, you’ve made a big step toward your graduation form third density. And you’ve helped to diminish Trump’s power.

Let’s Review…

So that’s the conceptual framework I’m working from. In summary:

  • Each of us now has a window of opportunity to make a major shift in consciousness, from third to fourth density
  • To graduate, you must polarize service-to-self (very difficult) or service-to-other (much easier)
  • Trump and his entities embody the energy of service-to-self
  • Responding to Trump with negative emotions or power-over-other strategies only makes him stronger
  • Embodying and radiating unconditional love helps neutralize Trump’s energy, and helps you graduate from third density

One Way to Radiate Unconditional Love to Trump and the Powers-That-Be

  1. Do whatever helps you feel unconditional love most vibrantly.
  2. Ask your higher self to flow the energy through you to Trump and the powers-that-be in Washington to serve their highest good, and the highest good of all those affected by their actions.
  3. Relax into passive breath awareness and let the energy flow on its own. (Here are detailed instructions on how to do this and my other invocations with maximum effectiveness.)

What is the Highest Good?

Since I can’t claim to know the highest good outcome of any worldly situation, I strive to operate from a position of humility. Sometimes the highest good can test you to your limits!

Does it serve highest good for America to reclaim the more compassionate spirit we had under Obama? Or, if the current global business and political system has become hopelessly corrupt, is Trump just the wrecking ball we need to take them down … even if that isn’t his intention?

I have no idea if these outcomes, or others that are entirely different, serve highest good. That’s why I prefer to simply be a conduit for divine will to be done. If you strongly favor a particular outcome, you’re fully within your rights as a free will agent to call for that result. (Although I do strongly recommend tacking on the karma-free safety clause, “…to the greatest extent that serves highest good, this or something better.”)

Developing Unconditional Love

The more spiritually awake you are, the more effective this technique will be. Unconditional love is a natural byproduct of being spiritually awake. There are many beautiful paths to awakening. I recommend that you follow whichever approach is most resonant for you.

I offer free resources that have helped thousands achieve or deepen their spiritual awakenings. My Heal And Awaken Invocations offer a simple and effective method you can do on your own. My EASE (Embodied Awakening Support Experience) program offers free weekly calls you can join live by phone or web, or via recordings. You’ll experience a variety of approaches that have helped many seekers accelerate their healing and awakening.


It’s easy to get complacent when things are cozy and comfortable. We certainly don’t have that problem under Trump! A challenging political and social environment can be a highly effective catalyst for your personal and spiritual growth.

Of course, you should take whatever external political action feels right to you. I highly recommend David Frum’s in-depth article at, “How to Build an Autocracy,”  for outstanding insights into what Trump is doing, as well as practical physical-world steps you can take to counter his influence. I also gained tremendous insight from Elizabeth Drew’s article, “Terrifying Trump” at the The New York Review of Books site. If you’re also willing to do your shadow work (this Healing Invocation might help), you can develop a whole new appreciation for Trump … as an adversarial ally who can help you take your awakening and service to the next level!

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  1. Mig says:

    Nice One Benjamin! May your light shine ever brighter! Belittling someone else always seems to come back at hit you on the back side. I was reading another astrologer who was talking about the need to be spiritual warriors at this time. This fits right in with that. Peace to you and your loved ones

  2. Shirl Hegg says:

    I agree with you but Trumps extremes hopefully will get people to see that is this what we really want ? Because if they don’t say wait a minute is this what I really want? Is this what I really want to be apart of? Hopefully they say No and turn away from that.???

  3. Jo says:

    Thank you for helping us see Trump as a catalyst for change! Thank You!

  4. GK says:

    Very interesting read, thank you! I had noticed what you wrote years ago. As the Auqarian age is coming soon, other things will come to the surface as well and I do not talk about the Trappist1 system.

  5. Benjamin says:

    I just gained tremendous insight from Elizabeth Drew’s chillingly eloquent article, “Terrifying Trump” at the The New York Review of Books site.

  6. Wendy says:

    Yes Alex thanks for sharing your insights. Such a time as this….that voice inside of us can take us & make us stray. The devil or satan is the master of deceitfulness. Definitely showing up to wake us up. What now? We all have an abligation to step up ? Be accountable. Be brave, courageous & confident as we are learning to reley on a higher power than ourselves. Like thought of kindness and love for others. God first loved us so we might know to love others. Shine on for others be mindful of our souls. Choose to be better not bitter as we radiate out love peace good vibes drawn to u & others. Connect with life of God or whatever u might call & be there in love. Pain pushes till pulled to vision bigger than pain. Preservance through trump chapter. Loves & blessing coming your way. Wendy

  7. Pathfinder says:

    White light cities grow.

  8. Queenie says:

    What do you make of his fixed stars?

    He has Royal Regulus (Lion King) exact on his ascendent, close to Mars. (like driving the light of a fiery SUN) and then his Midheaven sitting right in the middle of Algol (The most feared star in the heavens) and Capulus the hero who cuts down the monster Algol.

    So is he the Monster Algol or the Devine Sunking playing his part for humanity? That is what I have been wondering lately..

    He has woken people up, that’s for sure. Sometimes the awakener arrives in unexpected form. It shocks people out of their passive slumber, and that is what I think Trump is about.

  9. Queenie says:

    Any thoughts everyone on how the upcoming Solar Eclipse August 21st will affect Trump, or indeed the world?

    It appears to be on his ascendant and on the royal fixed star of Kings regulus!

    A lot of astrologers see this as a biggie. Perhaps a reset of some kind?
    Perhaps it’s the fall of the old empire once and for all. (Certainly in the UK it would seem like the mighty old powers are falling) Hmmmm.

  10. Wds says:

    Would not suggest sending any energy – even ‘positive’ energy to Trump. Energy is neutral, so the dark forces can easily use it for their purposes.

    Best action as you recommend is to focus on generating positive energy and radiating it. This article is a tremendous help in that regard! When you catch yourself in the negative, simply drop it and bring in the positive light. The forces of light are here to help us do this. We just have to let go of the habit of negativity and fear – and replace it with light and love.

    Thanks for a very insightful article!!!

  11. Cindy says:

    Benjamin, I whole heartedly agree, having come to these conclusions myself. I have had wonderful shifts by applying these principles. I do see Trump as an important part of the divine plan, exposing our darkest aspects and giving us the opportunity to rise to a higher level of understanding and behavior. One of my favorite ways to work with anything in myself or my life that has conflict or creates feelings of separation is the Ho O’Pono Pono prayer. Thank you so much for all your Wisdom and wonderful service. Peace and Light, Cindy Graham

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