November 16-30 2015 Astrology Forecast: Saturn-Neptune Square!

Embodied Awakening Fire Woman2

Embodied awakening: now easier thanks to the Saturn-Neptune square!

A potent Saturn-Neptune square is a match made in heaven for Law of Attraction manifestation and embodying divine consciousness in your everyday life. Two Uranus-Pluto T-squares fire up a fresh round of revolutionary transformation. And the power of an extraordinary Gemini Full Moon is augmented by three powerful aspect patterns!

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New Forecasting Approach!

How does November’s Full Moon reflect the biggest change ever in my astrology forecasts — starting with this one? Read on for the big picture on how I’ll now be focusing on…the big picture! :-)

Sagittarius and Gemini, the Sun and Moon signs of this forecast’s Full Moon, are opposite signs which form the “Axis of Communication.” Gemini is like the Trivial Pursuit expert or hard news reporter. It’s better at gathering information than understanding its deeper ramifications. (“Just the facts, ma’am.”) Sagittarius is more like the philosopher or op-ed columnist. Its job is to tease out the higher meaning from all of that information.

I’ve been writing astrology forecasts for about 10 years, mostly using a day-by-day approach. But starting with this forecast, I’m going to release this rigidly chronological, more Geminian approach. Instead I’m going to try a Sagittarian experiment, putting more attention on the dominant astrological themes of the moment.

In addition, I’m going to present the information in what journalists call “inverted pyramid style.” This means I’ll be putting the most important astrology themes for the forecast period first — even if that means presenting them out of chronological order.

There’s nothing wrong with day-by-day forecasting. As one of my favorite song titles says, “Everything Matters If Anything Matters At All.” But you can lose the forest for the trees if you get inundated with too much nonessential information. A brain overloaded with information ends up remembering less than if it had been given just the right amount in the first place.

If you’re anything like me (my Sun and Ascendant are in fixed signs!), you might initially resist a change like this. Maybe you’ve been enjoying my forecasts just the way they were. If so, I ask that you hang in there with me for a few weeks and give this new approach a chance. I’ll be asking for your feedback on which forecasting approach you prefer in January.

The leaves have mostly fallen here in Asheville, opening up breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Perhaps that has inspired me to start forecasting the bigger picture for you now!

Saturn-Neptune Square

The headline event for the second half of November — and one of the biggest astrological game-changers of 2015  and 2016 — is a potent Saturn-Neptune square on 11/26 (7°2′ Sagittarius-Pisces). This is a match made in heaven for Law of Attraction manifestation, dissolving structures that don’t serve you, and embodying divine consciousness in your everyday life! Amazingly, this long-term aspect is stimulated by no less than four trigger planets during November’s second half: Mars, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon!

Let’s look at the big picture first. The following paragraph gets a bit technical, but you’ll be past it before you know it! :-)

This Saturn-Neptune square has already been in orb, but not yet exact, December 2014 through early May of 2015. Saturn and Neptune took a breather, then came back into orb (close enough to connect energetically) in late September of 2015. Their square will remain active through mid-November of 2016, and the square will be exact twice more on 6/17/16 and 9/10/16.

Law of Attraction Work

One great way to use Saturn-Neptune aspects is with Law of Attraction work. (For a brief Law of Attraction primer, see my post The Law of Attraction Made Simple.) In this context, Neptune represents visualization and imagination, while Saturn represents crystallization and material manifestation.

Everyone’s manifestation juju will be amplified for the next 12 months while the Neptune-Saturn square is in orb. To learn more about this, see my post An Astrological Signature for the Law of Attraction.



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Another of the archetypal possibilities of this aspect is the dissolution (Neptune) of the structures (Saturn) that don’t serve you. These structures could be physical or energetic: material objects, relationships, ways of thinking and ways of being.

I recommend releasing these things intentionally. You might as well, since the things in your life that have passed their due date will be slipping away in any case! :-)

Embodied Awakening

My all-time favorite use of Saturn-Neptune aspects is to integrate my ecstatic divine consciousness (Neptune) into my 3D reality (Saturn). If you don’t already have a quick and effective way to do this, and want to routinely experience more harmony, flow, ease and grace in your life, check out my free Heal and Awaken Invocations.

Other Saturn-Neptune Considerations

We can deepen our Saturn-Neptune interpretation by adding the sign Saturn is in. That would be Sagittarius, whose meanings include:

  • higher education,
  • religion,
  • philosophy,
  • foreign influences and travel,
  • the call to adventure,
  • teaching others about the meaning of life,
  • celebration,
  • euphoria and
  • unlimited abundance!

Be mindful of what you have going on in these areas. If there’s a lot of flow, ease and inspiration, Neptune’s giving them a big thumbs-up. If things are dissolving away no matter what you do, it’s time to let them go.

Why have I not talked about the sign Neptune is in? Because it’s in Pisces, which has exactly the same meaning as Neptune. So Neptune’s placement in the sign that it co-rules gives us no additional information.

Saturn-Neptune Triggers

The Saturn-Neptune square gets a ton of stimulation during the last week of November. Just look at all these events!

  • Libran Mars sextiles Saturn and quincunxes Neptune on 11/24.
  • Sagittarian Mercury conjoins Saturn on 11/24 and squares Neptune on 11/25
  • The Gemini Full Moon on 11/25 forms a T-square with the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune (more on this below)
  • As noted above, the Saturn-Neptune square is exact on 11/26
  • The Sagittarian Sun squares Neptune and conjoins Saturn on 11/29

The meaning of the individual trigger planets is less important than the fact that the Saturn-Neptune square is getting massively energized. So decide what you want to do with this energy – be it manifestation, dissolution, embodied awakening or any other Saturn-Neptune activity – and go to town!

Uranus-Pluto T-squares

Revolutionary transformation, the main theme of the seemingly endless Uranus-Pluto square, receives two significant T-square stimulations in November’s second half. Uranus and Pluto have finished the seven exact squares they made between 2012 and 2015, but will pull within one degree of each other in January. We’ll continue to feel the effects of these powerhouses of change through the end of the decade!

11 22 15 T Sq Ve Ur PlT-square: Venus-Uranus-Pluto

Uranus and Pluto are first triggered by Venus as she forms a T-square. This started on 11/15, peaks on 11/22 and ends on 11/25.

This is a great time to bring conscious and positive change to your relationships, creative expression and money. Venus’ placement in Libra reinforces the themes of relationships and creativity. Release what can’t be fixed, heal what can be positively transformed, and follow your intuitive flashes to take what is working to the next level!

12 9 15 T Sq Ma Ur PlT-square: Mars-Uranus-Pluto

A more potent and longer-lasting Uranus-Pluto event fires up as Mars forms a T-square with them the day after Thanksgiving. Its T-square begins on 11/27, peaks on 12/9 and ends on 12/15.

This Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-square can be as volatile as nitroglycerin! Stay as far away from potentially explosive situations (figuratively or literally) as you can. Unexpected outbursts of anger or violence are more likely under this tripwire energy.

But who’s to say this same energy can’t be used for good? Everything beneficial that Mars represents – including initiation, assertiveness, sexuality, exercise and fighting for a worthy cause – can take quantum leaps to the next level!

Like Venus, Mars will also be forming its T-square from Libra. So the themes of relationship and creativity will be stimulated once again.

11 25 15 Full MoonGemini Full Moon on 11/25

November’s Full Moon (3°20′ Gemini) shines forth on 11/25 at 5:44:12 pm EST. Any Gemini Full Moon is good for reflecting on how you’re doing with your learning, communication, playfulness, humor and life diversity. And how are your relationships with your siblings, cousins and neighbors?


This Full Moon contains three strong aspect patterns involving the luminaries – an unusually high number!

T-square: Moon-Sun-Mercury-Saturn-Neptune

I mentioned one of this lunation’s aspect patterns in the Saturn-Neptune square forecast above: a T-square with the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune. In the illustration, it’s the right triangle made up of solid red lines.

On one level, this could be thought of as three trigger planets (Moon, Sun and Mercury) stimulating the Saturn-Neptune square. As I’ve already said, manifestation, dissolution and embodied awakening are three of the most obvious ways to use the combined energies of Saturn and Neptune.

Learning, teaching and communication are also strong themes of this T-square. This is because the Moon is in Gemini (the sign of communication) and opposing Mercury (the planet of communication).

In addition, the Sun, Mercury and Saturn are in Sagittarius. This is the sign of higher education and teachings about the meaning of life. So visualizing and acting upon whatever you want to learn about or teach is powerfully energized by this Full Moon!

Kite: Moon-Sun-Mercury-Mars-Ceres-Saturn

A Kite aspect pattern (the blue lines in the illustration) is formed by the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Mars, Ceres and Saturn. One way to use this is to follow your heart (Moon) with harmonious, consistent effort (Libran Mars sextile Saturn) toward a goal that you find adventurous and expansive (three planets in Sagittarius at the focal point of the Kite). This could lead to unexpected abundance (Ceres in Aquarius), new learning (Mercury) and enhanced vitality (Sun in Sagittarius)!


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Hard Rectangle: Moon-Sun-Venus-Uranus

A Hard Rectangle is a less common aspect pattern. It’s bounded by 45° semi-squares and 135° sesquares, which are minor hard aspects. The opposing corners of the rectangle are connected by oppositions. You can see it in the illustration by the red dashed and dotted lines.

The most significant connection in this challenging aspect pattern is the Venus-Uranus opposition. With the Gemini Moon craving variety, feel into whether your current significant relationships are providing enough diversity to satisfy you.

If you and a partner are in a rut, can you agree to shake up your usual patterns and try some different things? Should you consider renegotiating your relationship agreements?

This Hard Rectangle can also help you clear away creative cobwebs. What new direction or fresh approach might help rekindle your artistic passion?

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is, “Holly and mistletoe bring Christmas spirit to a home.” You may remember this Sabian Symbol interpretation from an earlier forecast. But I still like what I wrote back then, and feel okay about repeating it with a few minor tweaks! :-)

At first glance, this Sabian Symbol might seem a bit premature in a November forecast. But a little detective work reveals its relevance.

This Full Moon’s Hard Rectangle aspect pattern makes relationships a significant theme in this lunation. This is also true for mistletoe, a parasitic plant that draws on the energy of its host tree for survival.

But mistletoe also gives back generously. According to Wikipedia, “Mistletoe…has a disproportionately pervasive influence over its community…areas with greater mistletoe densities support higher diversities of animals. Thus, rather than being a pest, mistletoe can have a positive effect on biodiversity, providing high quality food and habitat for a broad range of animals in forests and woodlands worldwide.”

The wide variety of holly species also give as good as they get. To quote Wikipedia again, “They are extremely important food for numerous species of birds, and also are eaten by other wild animals…During winter storms, birds often take refuge in hollies, which provide shelter, protection from predators (by the spiny leaves), and food.”

So this Sabian Symbol highlights a point that the natural world never forgets, but that we humans must be reminded of. We are interdependent with the world around us. To live in harmony with our planet (including our fellow humans), we must only take as much as we truly need, and give back generously to that which supports us.

We must never forget that we humans are in committed partnership with planet Earth. Because of our inescapable interconnectedness, how we treat her is ultimately how we treat ourselves.

The true Christmas spirit is about peace on earth and generosity to our fellow beings. These are ideas that we would do well to live by every day of the year!

Sun Enters Sagittarius on 11/22

The Sun enters Sagittarius on 11/22 at 10:25 AM EST. This gives a month’s worth of stimulation to the themes of higher education, religion and philosophy.

To continue reiterating the Sagittarian themes I bullet-pointed above in my Saturn-Neptune square forecast: foreign influences, the call to adventure, and teaching others about the meaning of life are also energized. And don’t forget to take advantage of Sagittarius’s love of celebration, euphoria and unlimited abundance!

Late November Aspect Patterns

There are a couple of aspect patterns starting on 11/30. But it makes more sense to me to interpret those for you in my next forecast, since their effects will be felt almost entirely in December. FYI, the aspects patterns are a Mercury-Jupiter-Chiron T-square and a Mars-Ceres-Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus Cradle.

That’s all for the second half of November. Once again, thanks for sticking with me as I give this new forecast approach a try!

Whatever your Sun Sign, Benjamin’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you will be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

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